Recently; I’m reclining in my recliner.  I’m on an icepack, cause my back (which my Chiropractor says, “looks like its worn out two bodies!”) hurts.  I’m sort of dozed off in my own personal ‘Twilight Zone’, when I hear my sweet, caring kids say,

“Just ‘let go’ Dad.” (my oldest son)

“Don’t fight it Dad.” (my daughter)

“Yeah, we’ll be fine, fly away.” (my middle son)

“Can I have your Browning 22 cal. Pistol?” (my youngest son).

I arouse from my disturbed slumber.  “I’m not goin’ anywhere!  I’ll have you guys know that I’m getting my 3rd or 4th ‘wind’ in life!”

“He’s windy alright!” (my wayward wife).

They say that I’ve got “one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel!” But, I feel just fine, because I have a plan!  I want to show how great America is…Again!

Now, incredibly, some of our elected representatives don’t feel that way.  They want to tear down the very ‘fabric’ of what this nation stands for!  Their plan is based on the “Marxist-Leninist” Model, not the Free Enterprise system based on freedom that I like!

When we left off last time, my “moldy” old cousin, Karl Marx, gasped his last bitter breath.  This is when nervous, paranoid Uncle Vlad took over Communism.  Vladimir Lenin was as mean as a ‘rat bit rattlesnake’!  If anyone disagreed with Vlad, they would end up in a mass grave!

Dear Uncle Vladimir Lenin was a rabid Atheist!  He had thousands of Orthodox Church clergy killed.  Uncle Vlad was just getting started, when in 1924, he had acute distress in his ‘lower tract’ complicated by ‘spleen vapours’ and ‘brain cramps’!  Vlad croaked!

They put Uncle Vlad ‘on display’ in his cool sarcophagus on Red Square, Moscow.  His adoring fans have been viewing his corpse ever since (which is by now, really just a big bar of glycerin soap!)  This is the best they could do for their Atheist leader.  Legend has it that Lenin might ‘wink’ at ya as you pass by!  I think it’s a trick.

America just kept getting better!  In 1869, women were granted the right to vote in Wyoming.  Several states eventually followed suit, but it wasn’t until 1920 that the 19th Amendment was ratified.  It seems that one political party kept throwing a ‘monkey wrench’ in the effort.

Back in Russia:

After Vladimir Lenin breathed his last Communist, Godless breath, good ole Uncle Joe Stalin took over communism in Russia.  Stalin means steel, hence; “Man of Steel!”

Uncle Joe was as mean as a ‘pissed off, poisonous Puff Adder’!  Joe was a zealous Atheist!  If anyone criticized what Uncle Joe and his cohorts did, they got to go on an all-expense paid vacation, to a gulag in Siberia!  Or, better yet, a mass grave!  Stalin killed some 20 million people as a result of Communist policies.

Uncle Joe hissed his last sour breath in 1954.  Being a devout Atheist, he too got put on display!  First, right beside Uncle Vlad!  This caused ‘friction’ so he got his own cool place in The Wall on Red Square.  That’s the best they could do!  Now, as people walk by, viewing Stalin’s corpse, legend has it that Uncle Joe will snarl at ya once in awhile!  I think it’s a trick.

I have to mention Adolf Hitler, no relation, whose version of Socialism was called “NA-ZI”, an abbreviation for National Socialism!  Hitler did unspeakable evil to the Jews, and to the world!  Out of this gruesome mess was born The Nation of Israel in 1948!  Now, that is ironic, isn’t it!

So, I think we can see a pattern here!  I’m going to ‘switch gears’ now.  I am sick of talking about Communism!  It sucks!

Back in America, workers were treated better.  No more children in coal mines!  Safety was beginning to be a real concern.  Labor Unions were formed.  Unlike in Communist countries, a worker in the U.S. could own property, vote, and “get ahead”!

“Civil Rights” made great strides in the U.S.A. and other free countries!

One good thing happened in 1954.  Elvis Presley started singing and recording ‘Rock-n-Roll”!  By the way, Elvis is still living!  There was an Elvis sighting recently at the Memphis Theatre!  Memphis, Missouri, that is!

I have noticed one odd thing in the last few decades of World History.  It seems that B.C. and A. D. are now replaced by B.C.E. and C.E.  What’s the deal?

Of course, B.C. means Before Christ and A.D. or Anno Domini means “The Year of Our Lord.”  The pivotal event in World History that defines the two ages was the birth of Jesus Christ!  “I can only imagine” what this means!!

B.C.E. stands for Before Common Era, and C. E. stands for Common Era.  What’s a Common Era, anyway?  They have the exact same dates as the B.C./A.D. system does!  Looks to me like The Common
Era crowd, ‘grudgingly’ observes the “Birth of Jesus!”

Upon examination of 20,463 years of World History, give or take a millennium or two, I’m starting to notice something.  The struggle of ‘Good vs. Evil’ is as apparent today, as it was with Uncle Cain and Uncle Able!  It looks like we all have a problem!  We ALL struggle with sin!

We all need God’s forgiveness of our sin!  Only Jesus can accomplish this!  He was the ultimate sacrifice!  He took on the sin of the whole world!  People need the Lord!

Some folks may ask at this point, why are you so worried about America?  Just be “content”.

Because, America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles!  That’s why!

I used to worry about the “End Times” a lot.  Then, I decided to live like there IS a tomorrow!  Not just ‘hole up’ somewhere, waiting for judgment!  When Judgment comes, let the Lord catch us doing good works!

We need to stand up for our good country! Godless Socialism and Communism needs to be opposed!  Not ‘cowed’ down to.

Socialism always drifts toward Communism, which is intolerant of anyone who would dare criticize them!  Don’t let the government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” be usurped by a Godless “Den of Vipers” who will destroy anyone who disagrees with them, or has a different idea!  Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

So, Kinsmen: Respect our Flag! (Don’t worship it, honor it).  Stand proudly for our National Anthem!  Preachers, preach against sin while you still can!  And maybe, put in a good word for America once in awhile!  Love and respect our brave law enforcement folks.  Love and support our great military men and women.  Love one another (we go way back!).  And, love and appreciate linemen, first responders, welders, plumbers, and everyone else who works to keep this U.S.A. humming along! 

May God bless America!  It’s a Great Country!

Uncle Davis M. Burrus