The heat is on, as the song says. Hoping that we can get a break from this by next week. The week of July 17 has been extremely warm, and cautions going outdoors in the heat of the day.  The day I am writing this the high is to be 95.  

The hummingbirds were super busy during that storm on Wednesday July 17.  We received 1.1 inches with more in some places.  Much needed and helps some, but we need another soaker without the terrible wind. 

With this heat, storms can pop up anytime during these heat waves. I have a nest of white bluebird eggs again. It is quite a little ways from the other nest of white eggs and babies that I had earlier. So far so good. I also have a clutch of 2-3 in the deeper house. I feel they were spared at least twice to different type of house.  I plan on investigating this further to see if I can get some deeper houses and add guard around the entrance to keep those handy raccoons from entering.

The Queen Anne’s Lace is beautiful right now on the trails. I pick a lot of it for bouquets and also press some of them for pictures.  They make a neat wall hanging.  I mowed the tallest grass on Thursday, and have more weed eating to do, but that will have to wait.

I keep the house closed up during the day to keep the strong south sun and heat from the family room. The covered deck is still a morning favorite. My friend, Buster has found my big pot of Purple Fountain Grass.  I kept wondering what in the world was wrong with it.  I. Thought the storm had damaged it somehow, but on the covered deck??  So this morning I go out and he is digging around in it. I scatted him on, and a little while later I go back and he is napping right in the middle of it.  So Buster and I have had to have a talk.  Cats!!!!!! I’d like to talk to the dear person that dropped him off.

Lots of company for me, but not my plants and birds.  The American Gold Finch will be nesting now or soon.  I have let my lettuce bloom and go to seed so I will see if they come to it. They have been working on my Bachelor Buttons, but they are about dried up and I will be taking them to the trails. 

My wren houses on the trails have been full all summer. I found yet another wren’s nest here in the yard yesterday in a bluebird house. Had to go, sorry. I only let them nest in certain houses. They are building again in a wren house on my lower patio, so that will be good, and lots of good music. I truly love to hear them sing in early morning – not in the bluebird houses.  I certainly hope you are staying cool, keeping your flowers watered, and those feathered friends need a good cold drink too.  Even those little hummingbirds drink water occasionally.  Until next time, good bird watching.