I’m not a resident of the metropolis of Memphis, Missouri.  I do inhabit the environs nearby, and I have owned some property within the city limits.

I noticed the headline recently, on the front page of the Memphis Democrat.  “City Marshal Post “Remains in Question Following April Election”.

I will pose the question… what’s the question?  The duly elected city marshal moved out of town and resigned his position.  So, subsequently, the proposal to eliminate the city marshal office got voted down.

The Memphis city aldermen and women weren’t happy with the results, evidently.  They say the turnout was poor, and the margin was a real ‘squeaker’!  131 against the measure, 91 for it.  I’m not good at ‘cipherin’, but, in my head, this looks like somewhere… mmm… I’m thinkin’… mmm… say around 58% ‘agin’ it, and 42% fer it.  Yeah, that’s a real ‘squeaker’ alright!

So, the board of one accord, kind of got their shorts in a bunch, so to speak.  They want to put the proposal up to the fine citizens of Memphis “Agin!”

Well, that’s ok I guess.  I say, if the voters want to eliminate the city marshal position, so be it! But, there is a “caveat” to this situation.

The thing that concerns many of the voters of Memphis is the statement that, even if a new city marshal were elected in April of 2019, that the Board of one Accord would simply defund the position, rendering it essentially null and void!

And I’m sure, if they have another special proposal this fall to eliminate the city marshal office, and it had the most ‘forlorn’ turnout since one of Hillary’s rallies, and the measure to do away with the position passed by one freakin’ vote!  That this would “fly like a comet” for the board!

And, yes, I must say, that the voters would be obliged to respect the outcome.

I say, let the voters decide! There is some wisdom in a publicly elected marshal, answerable to the people, as well as the city council.  I would hope that the ordinance could be changed, in the future, to allow the candidate for city marshal to be eligible, even if that candidate lives outside the city limits.

I think that I have made my point. There are seeds of danger to our democracy, if the will of the people, can be usurped by a slippery maneuver!

In fact, when I hear talk like this by anyone, anywhere, I have to quell the urge to stuff one of my sweaty socks, that I’ve worn for three days, in their mouth! But, then, I wouldn’t have any socks that match!

Davis M. Burrus