Artists fascinate me. Whether musically inclined, murally impactive, or magically gifted, a person skilled in the arts zone is, indeed, a blessing to all. Similar impact comes from each of us when we grasp the God-given art of walking by faith.

The art of faith surely comes with a significant challenge. It is easier to walk by sight. Sight suggests more certainty, even security, than the seemingly guestimation of believing when it’s yet to be seen. However, God is quite clear that we are to walk by one and not the other.

The art of faith doesn’t mean that one traipses out into the world clueless in direction as the critics seem to insist. To walk by faith incorporates senses beyond human assessment. It imagines. It envisions. It pulls back from the strong pull of fear while pushes forward to the magnetism of God’s astonishing allowances.

The art of faith is daring. It goes where eyes can’t conclude. It is the fuel of the Divine which fills the heart-tanks of believers. We go ahead and try when we can’t control. We serve when we see no reward. We love when no return seems mutual.

The art of faith doesn’t seem to push itself onto any one of us. Rather, it is true divine dimension which is available to every individual who can dare withdraw from our obsessive and controlling selfish ambition.

Might. We. Become. A. Bit. More. Artistic.