Now as I sit here writing this, I find that this week is already the middle of November. Thanksgiving activities are just around the corner.  We are forced to look at Halloween decorations in August, and Christmas in September and October. We almost forget that Thanksgiving is in there someplace.

I love fall and enjoy decorating for it. I hate to see the end of November come, meaning colder temps, and much to be done for the holiday season celebrating Christ’s birth.

Many of us have been seeing and watching Bald Eagles diving around the fields and roadways after their prey. Rabbits beware. Road kill is a popular item for them as well, as there are many deer. Recently, one of my friends counted 12 on the way home from Columbia. Lots of battered autos I’m sure. They do eat carrion and clean up the remains of many deer killed on the road, but they are skilled hunters. And they are a skilled food thief also.

On June 20, 1872, the Continental Congress adopted the Bald Eagle as our national emblem.  It is so much fun to watch them, and I feel they are a very majestic bird. Some say they are lazy due to the fact that they can sit on a branch for hours on end. I think they are watching for prey. Nevertheless, I enjoy getting a peak when possible.  Especially fun when they release a Bald Eagle at the ballgame to fly over the stadium during the national anthem. Gives a person chills to watch that. Our country is still the greatest.

Along the Mississippi River and running creeks, you will find many of them feasting on fish, muskrats, other small mammals, water birds, and of course, road kill.

Another bird I enjoy watching at the feeder in the winter, is the Pine Siskin.  They are in the finch family, who hold their own at the feeders.  They often flock with their more colorful cousins, the American Goldfinch, next to whom they seem a bit more drab.  They are mostly brown and have a touch of yellow on their wings. They are fleeting, so you may see them one day and not again for a while.  So keep watch over your feeders and you may see them, there with their cousins, and then disappear.

Please take care out there during the firearms deer season, if you go out and about, wear something bright.  Be safe you hunting folk.  Until next time, good bird watching.