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More Than 70 Years Later, WWII Letter Finds Its Way to Family of Fallen Soldier

More than a year ago, a California man came across a letter addressed to Memphis, Missouri in some of his father’s keepsakes from World War II. Alan Minster immediately knew the correspondence needed to find its way home, as it was a response to a letter requesting details about the passing of a fellow soldier. […]

Local WWII Veteran Makes Return Visit to USS Intrepid

Retired farmer Eugene Howard of Granger has many stories of his service on the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid during WWII, from time spent on liberty in San Francisco to a terrifying impact by a kamikaze plane which killed 69 sailors.  Ever since his daughter Denise learned in the mid 1990s that the Intrepid was converted […]

Ex Naval Pilot Honoring Shipmates for 61st Consecutive Memorial Day Service 

reprinted from the May 17, 2007 edition of the Memphis Democrat in memory of WW-II vet Charles Harris who passed away this week. On Monday, when Charles Harris steps to the podium, salutes the flag and leads the gathering in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, it will mark the 61st consecutive time the former Navy […]

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots Airs Ted Gundy Program

by Chris Feeney reprinted from the Memphis Democrat February 11, 2010 Forget the popcorn – grab a box of Kleenex instead and prepare to schedule some free time on February 17th to watch a memorable television tribute to one of Memphis’s own. Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots television program will air three times that day featuring […]

From High School Graduation, to the Battle of the Bulge – The Tale of WWII Veteran Ted Gundy 

by Chris Feeney originally published Nov. 9, 2006 in the Memphis Democrat Most 18-year-olds dream of a new car or some other extravagant gift for graduation. Ted Gundy got an all-expenses paid trip to Europe. Unfortunately it wasn’t a graduation gift. Gundy was drafted into the United States Army and in the summer of 1944 […]

Family Takes Local WWII Veteran Down Memory Lane

Retired farmer Eugene Howard of Granger sailed all over the Pacific Ocean on the USS Intrepid during WWII, but by age 91.5 he had still never been on an airplane, never been away from the farm overnight, and never stayed in a hotel.  His daughter Denise recently asked him “Now that you don’t have to […]

Funeral Window Notices Trace Roots Back to World War II

“How are you doing?” “Well, my name is not in the window today, so I must be doing okay.” If you didn’t grow up in Memphis, you may not understand the saying, as the mention of “the window” is reference to the obituary notices that are posted for public viewing by the local funeral homes, […]

WWII Veteran Gene Durham Takes Honor Flight to Washington D.C.

Who wouldn’t want to be aboard a yacht, floating in the waters of Hawaii, escaping the December weather of Missouri? Sounds like a perfect vacation, but for the crew members of Gene Durham’s future ship, it was a nightmare. The yacht, Elvida arrived in Hawaii on December 5, 1941. The newly commissioned YP-109 submarine chaser […]

Tague Attends 65th Infantry Division Reunion in Washington D.C.

Submitted by Sandy Kalman Don D. “Buck” Tague of Gorin was one of 14 soldiers who attended the 65th Infantry Division Association annual reunion in Washington, DC, September 18th through the 21st. I am his oldest daughter and I tagged along (pun intended). As a point of fact, more than 13,000 soldiers answered roll call […]

Six Area Veterans Travel to Nation’s Capital as Part of Honor Flight

The red carpet was rolled out for six area veterans, albeit in whirlwind fashion as the former soldiers and seamen were guests of honor on Mission #26 of the Great River Honor Flight program that traveled to Washington D.C. on August 28th. World War II veteran Ivan Woods along with Korean War vets Bill Hall, […]