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WWII Vet wife’s letter needs to find its way home…

WWII Vet wife’s letter needs to find its way home… April 27, 1945 Mrs. Vernon Priche; (could be misspelled due to original letter hand written); wrote a letter requesting information about how her husband was wounded, treated and died. He was a soldier in Europe, and a friend of my deceased father, Donald Minster. I […]

Local WWII Veteran Makes Return Visit to USS Intrepid

Retired farmer Eugene Howard of Granger has many stories of his service on the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid during WWII, from time spent on liberty in San Francisco to a terrifying impact by a kamikaze plane which killed 69 sailors.  Ever since his daughter Denise learned in the mid 1990s that the Intrepid was converted […]

Ex Naval Pilot Honoring Shipmates for 61st Consecutive Memorial Day Service 

reprinted from the May 17, 2007 edition of the Memphis Democrat in memory of WW-II vet Charles Harris who passed away this week. On Monday, when Charles Harris steps to the podium, salutes the flag and leads the gathering in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, it will mark the 61st consecutive time the former Navy […]