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Hot, Dry Weather Spells Trouble For Soybean, Corn

by Linda Geist Missouri’s record-breaking May heat and lack of precipitation set the stage for two unusual conditions in the state’s top cash crops—soybean and corn, says University of Missouri Extension agronomist Bill Wiebold. He urges farmers to look for rootless corn syndrome and heat canker in soybean, conditions that result from drought and heat […]

Bumper Crop May Cause Storage Woes for Local Farmers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recent crop production report estimates corn production up by 11 percent over last year. while forecasting a 3 percent increase in soybeans, meaning crop producers will have more grain to sell at lower prices in 2016. Storage might become tight after this year’s excellent wheat yields, says University of Missouri […]

Soggy-Bottom Blues Killing the Green

by Linda Geist, University of Missouri Extension Rain continues to reign in Missouri’s corn and soybean fields. The type and location of flooding determines damage to planted crops, says University of Missouri Extension agronomy specialist Bill Wiebold. An understanding of flooding can help farmers consider options and risks. According to Wiebold, three factors determine how […]

MU Reports Strong Test Yields for State’s Soybean Crop

Some 86-bushel-per-acre yields were reported. COLUMBIA – University of Missouri 2014 Variety Testing Program soybean yields topped state and national averages. MU Extension agronomy specialist Bill Wiebold said MU test sites topped statewide averages of 50-plus bushels and national averages of 44 bushels per acre. Missouri’s five-year state average is 37.8 bushels per acre. Sudden […]

SDS Appearing in Soybean Fields in Scotland County, Across Missouri

Sudden death syndrome (SDS) is showing up in soybean fields across the state. Farmers should scout fields thoroughly for symptoms of SDS. SDS, caused by the soil fungus Fusarium virguliforme, produces striking foliage symptoms, which first appear on upper leaves as scattered yellow blotches that increase in size, says University of Missouri Extension plant pathologist […]

Lush Green Soybean Field May Not Be Good Sign

MU Specialist Says Nutrients Are In Leaf, Not Pod COLUMBIA – Farmers are reporting that in spite of prolonged drought and hot temperatures their soybean plants appear amazingly green for this time of year. “Green soybean plants may not be a good sign,” says a University of Missouri Extension soybean specialist, “even though the plants […]