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Severe Weather Awareness Week, Statewide Tornado Drill Help Missourians Prepare for Deadly Severe Weather Threats

In 2017, Missourians were reminded once again of the deadly, unforgiving force of severe weather. The state suffered its first tornado death in five years; with nine flooding fatalities, Missouri also experienced its second deadliest year for flooding in almost a decade. Beginning April 28, 2017, Missouri was hit by up to 12 inches of […]

County Still Awaiting Word on Disaster Declaration

On Wednesday, the Scotland County Commission said it can wait no longer. The Commission ordered the replacement of a culvert on County Road #861.  The site is awaiting approval for FEMA disaster assistance, but the commission deemed the road issue to be too dangerous to wait any longer. Several major storm-related repairs have remained on […]

Severe Weather Takes Toll on Scotland County Roads

Put ’em up. Take ’em down. Put ’em up, take ’em down. That broken record has been playing all week for the Missouri Department of Transportation, Scotland County and emergency service personnel that have been on the yo-yo held by Mother Nature as revolving episodes of severe weather has led to flash flooding, forcing road […]