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Squire Childers Legacy Lives on at Annual Grist Mill Grinding

As Hurricane Irma swept into Florida on September 9, 2017, 72 family members, friends and neighbors gathered at the Childers home in Sandhill to again revive the legacy of Squire Childers. The old grist mill ran again, grinding corn into corn meal and wheat into graham flour, as it has done for many years A […]

Annual Grinding at Sandhill Event Draws Nice Crowd

Saturday, September 9, 2016 was the day for the annual Childers Family Reunion and Grinding at Sandhill, Mo.  Childers family members, friends and neighbors gathered at the farm of Victor Childers and Lola and Paul Slater to grind wheat flour and corn meal.  This is given to those participating for their donation to the upkeep […]

Scotland County’s Original Courthouse Rediscovered

A local historical group has purchased the log cabin that first served as the county courthouse in 1841, and plans to restore the building in Memphis for display. An important piece of Scotland County’s history dating back to its initial official organization by the state in 1841 has been rediscovered and efforts are underway to […]

Childers Clan Grinds Again

The descendants of Squire P. and Mary Jane Childers, friends, and neighbors gathered in Sandhill on Saturday, September 12, 2015, for the traditional grinding operation. Victor Childers assembled a crew to operate the gristmill that his grandfather had started using after his Civil War duty was over. Guests included numerous descendants of former Sandhill residents […]

Childers Grinding Draws Crowd

Approximately one-hundred people gathered in Sandhill on Saturday, September 13, 2014, for the grinding.  Descendants of Squire Perry Childers, the original operator of the mill who started the grinding on the property in 1877, came with families and friends from eight states and one exchange student from China. The 2013 grinding had been disappointing as […]