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Voters Asked to Renew County Road and Bridge Sales Tax

For more than 20 years Scotland County residents have been paying a half cent sales tax to help fund the road and bridge department’s capital projects, such as building new bridges and purchasing equipment. On April 4th, voters will be asked once again to renew the tax, which was first implemented in 1985. Since 1997, […]

County Roads to Get More Rock in 2017  

The old #1 song “I Wanna Rock” may be the new theme for the Scotland County Road & Bridge Department after the Scotland County Commission announced on January 19th that the county will be upping its road rock allotment from 150 tons to 170 tons per mile of road. Special funding for the road rock […]

County Enters Engineering Contracts For Two Construction Projects

The Scotland County Commission recently signed a pair of engineering contracts with Peopping, Stone, Bach & Associates, Inc. (PSBA) to pursue two local construction projects. The county is currently considering making drainage upgrades at the courthouse to help preserve the foundation of the historic building. The second project under consideration is the construction of a […]