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Local Voter Trends Lineup With State Totals, Except for Senate Race

Scotland County voters lined up with the rest of the state in nearly every aspect of the August 7th Primary Election, with the lone exception being the Missouri District 18 State Senate race where the overwhelming local favorite, Craig Redmon went down to defeat. In Scotland County, 28.55% of registered voters took part in the […]

Light Local Voter Turnout Backs Redmon, Not Prop A

The polls closed Tuesday evening with just over 28% of registered Scotland County voters participating in the August Primary Election to help select party candidates for the November election and also decide the fate of Proposition A. Scotland County voters failed to support the so called Right-to-Work act, Senate Bill 19, casting 485 no votes […]

Fourth District Report – State Representative Craig Redmon

Hello Everyone… I met with two representatives from the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education transportation division.  We talked about school bus safety.  Most  of the school bus fatalities occurred while students were out of the bus when exiting or entering the bus.  One of the good things DESE is doing is a safety day […]