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Pentecostal Church of Memphis Will Host The Reckless Saints of Nowhere, Inc. Saturday, July 21st

  The Pentecostal Church of Memphis, located at 106 South Adams Street, will be hosting The Reckless Saints of Nowhere, Inc. on Saturday, July 21st at 6:00 p.m.  The Reckless Saints of Nowhere, Inc. is a nonprofit organization who travels the country to help addicts get into treatment and hear the Gospel of Jesus. An […]

Pentecostal Church of Memphis Seeks Help for Building Projects

“Hello, I am the Pentecostal Church. If you have ever called me your church home then you have probably heard this story before. If you haven’t please continue to read and see what a congregation’s faith and a community can do. Back in 1967 a small church was started on Adams Street by a wonderful […]