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Severe Weather Awareness Week, Statewide Tornado Drill Help Missourians Prepare for Deadly Severe Weather Threats

In 2017, Missourians were reminded once again of the deadly, unforgiving force of severe weather. The state suffered its first tornado death in five years; with nine flooding fatalities, Missouri also experienced its second deadliest year for flooding in almost a decade. Beginning April 28, 2017, Missouri was hit by up to 12 inches of […]

EF-I Tornado Destroys Three Buildings, Damages Grain Bins in Scotland County

With winds topping out at an estimated 100 mph, the severe weather blew across Scotland County quickly on Wednesday night. While the bulk of the county escaped with only minor damage, the National Weather Service reported a tornado touched down between Memphis and Arbela at approximately 4:40 p.m. on November 11th. The EF-1 twister had […]