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McPherson/Hunolt Property Honored as Missouri Century Farm

Robert and Dorothy Hunolt and John and Kathie McPherson, of Rutledge, were recently awarded recognition of their Missouri Century Farm.   Their farm was originally purchased in 1907. Robert Hunolt applied for the Century Farm program through the University of Missouri Extension in April 2019.  The sign was presented to him by Lisa Doster, County Engagement […]

Almond Milk: Healthy Or Hype?

Growing numbers of hipster millennials are choosing plant-based milks such as almond milk over traditional dairy milk. Before switching, however, it’s important to consider the nutritional value of plant-based milks, says University of Missouri Extension nutrition specialist Kelsey Jeter. Almond milk brings several beneficial nutrients to the table, Jeter says. It contains no cholesterol or […]

MU Expert Says Don’t Guess On Garden Fertilizer

COLUMBIA, Mo.– Don’t add fertilizer to your garden unless you know what the soil needs. The best way to make sure your plants get the right nutrients is to have the soil tested, says Manjula Nathan, director of University of Missouri Extension’s Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory (SoilPlantLab.missouri.edu) and MU associate professor of plant sciences. […]

MU Climatologist: Gray Days Highest in at Least 20 Years

COLUMBIA – Gray skies in December may have you searching for sunlight and singing, “It will be a blue Christmas without you.” If you think this December has been unusually gray, you’re right, says University of Missouri Extension state climatologist Pat Guinan. Missouri experienced the lowest direct solar output for the first three weeks of […]

MU Extension, USDA Farm Service Agency to Host Farm Bill Meetings

The 2014 Farm Bill contains several new provisions that enable farmers and landowners to make decisions regarding their involvement in federal farm programs.  Landowners will have the opportunity to reallocate base acres on individual farms as well as update yield information that is used to determine some farm program payments.  Additionally, farmers will have the […]

Patience Saves Lives During Harvest

A simple, inexpensive sign and a few extra minutes save lives during harvest time. The slow-moving vehicle (SMV) emblem, a reflective orange triangle bordered with red, is the cheapest safety device in the farm store. But it’s also one of the best ways to remind drivers to share the road with farmers during the upcoming […]

DuPont Strikes Deal With MU On Soil Research, Data

COLUMBIA – University of Missouri Extension  researchers and USDA scientists on the MU campus are collaborating with DuPont Pioneer to pool soil data, expertise and other resources to help grain farmers improve yields and reduce costs. Extension corn specialist Brent Myers said researchers at MU’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources are collaborating on […]

Lush Green Soybean Field May Not Be Good Sign

MU Specialist Says Nutrients Are In Leaf, Not Pod COLUMBIA – Farmers are reporting that in spite of prolonged drought and hot temperatures their soybean plants appear amazingly green for this time of year. “Green soybean plants may not be a good sign,” says a University of Missouri Extension soybean specialist, “even though the plants […]