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Ebeling Wins Lone Local Race on November 6th Ballot

Perhaps it was only one local contested race, but less than 55% of the registered voters in Scotland County took time to cast their ballots in the November 6th general election. A total of 1,616 votes were cast among the 3,045 registered voters in Scotland County The only contested local race was for Scotland County […]

Strong Voter Turnout in Scotland County Backs Republican Candidates

Shortly after lunchtime, the ballot machine tabulator rolled over 500 ballots cast in the West Ward precinct for Memphis, easily surpassing normal voter turnout for elections, just halfway through the day. That was the case across Scotland County as 2,000 total ballots were cast, representing a 64.6% voter turnout. That compares to 1,936 votes cast […]

Clatt Wins Tight Race for Scotland County Commissioner

Incumbent Danette Clatt survived a strong challenge from Independent candidate Carl Trueblood and Democrat Tom O’Donnell to retain her seat on the Scotland County Commission. The Republican received 456 votes for reelection as Eastern District Commissioner. Trueblood and O’Donnell each received 288 votes in a tight race. That was the lone contested race on the […]