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Michael Collins Named New Conservation Agent for Scotland County

The Missouri Department of Conservation has appointed Michael Collins as the new conservation agent for Scotland County. Collins is among eight new agents of the Department’s agent graduate class of 2015. Collins received an Associate of Science degree in Administration of Justice from Three Rivers College in Poplar Bluff. He then transferred to Southeast Missouri […]

Gary Miller Named MDC District Supervisor

For the first time in more than 20 years, Scotland County will have a new Missouri Department of Conservation Agent policing the outdoors this fall. Long-time local agent Gary Miller recently was appointed the District Supervisor in the MDC Northeast Region. Miller will maintain his residence in Memphis, but his new job will entail supervision […]

Christian Sportsmen’s Appreciation Night Hits Bull’s-Eye

Hunting involves finding the target, which requires a good aim. When nearly 500 outdoor enthusiast gathered at the Scotland County Fitness Center on November 1st, organizers weren’t setting their sights on fundraising or membership drives. Instead the Christian Sportsmen’s Association had one goal, to help aim guests towards Jesus Christ. “No other tool is winning […]

Sportsmen’s Appreciation Night Being Planned for November 1st

Without a doubt, hunting season is an economic force in northeast Missouri. A band of outdoor enthusiasts is joining forces to organize a new event in Memphis that is being dubbed Sportsmen’s Appreciation Night. Local organizer Scott Brassfield said the idea first was suggested by author Gary Miller. The Tennessee native writes a syndicated outdoor […]

Not just a fair weather outdoorsman

January and February offer plenty of hunting and fishing opportunities but I’m going to have to take an extended break. I am not saying I am quitting but I have got to spend some time getting ready for turkey season and I have still got to gather up some tree stands that are still in […]

Conservation For You

By: G.R. Miller Missouri Conservation Agent Hunting with hounds has been a passion of mine for many years.  As a young boy, my dad and I spent many nights in the woods following a coon dog.  I enjoyed listening to the hounds run track and tree, and was extremely proud when I arrived at the […]

Never Without a Paddle

If you have been fishing long enough, you have got a story to tell about a motor breakdown and how you had to paddle all the way back to the dock. I can remember two of these episodes and the order of events is always the same. You’re several miles from the dock and the […]


I’ve always considered myself a prepared hunter. Some would say over prepared. I very rarely go into the woods without my backpack. During the colder months this is especially true. Since I’m never absolutely sure as to what the weather will bring, I take just about everything. My backpack is over three-thousand cubic inches. I […]

Fine Line Between Patience and Missing an Opportunity

It was my last day of deer hunting for the year. I was pressing the issue as I eased out an old dirt road. Planted pines and thickets made bookends for my path, and I knew that at any time, a buck could peek out. Even though my biceps got tired, I carried my gun […]

Keep Scouting

Scouting for the upcoming deer season is in full throttle. If you’re hunting familiar property this might be as simple as making sure nothing significant has happened to the area to impact your deer’s regular travel corridor. But most likely it will involve finding out about where the food is; namely the acorns. And sometimes […]