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Winter Rules

Howdy y’all. Ben here, with yet another field report, churned out between the sundry tasks on my list. Where did I put that list anyway? Finding it is probably going to involve a walk in the cold somewhere. That’s my thing that I do in winter. I walk around in the cold. I slept in […]

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage to Host Open House September 12th

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is hosting their Annual Open House and Village Fair on Saturday September 12, 2015, from 1-4 p.m. near Rutledge, MO. The Open House and Village Fair are an opportunity to see, up close and personal, all the ways in which Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is modeling sustainable living. Get your hands dirty with […]


Hello readers! As I click-clack away our home is being serenaded by a bee swarm that has chosen a nearby branch to rest on just beside our east window. The hive has outgrown the home our neighbors made for them, and our beekeeping friends are now in scramble mode. It is a sight (and a […]

Visitors and Memories

Don’t know about you, kind reader, but I’m reeling from too many days in full-bore, too-much-to-do, holy-cow-autumn-is-approaching-WAY-too-fast mode… Tereza here, and it’s my turn again to regale you with stories from Dancing Rabbit Land, a wonderful place where the living is… well, perhaps not so much easy as it is meaningful. A place where the […]

Greetings gentle readers!  Cob here, filling in for one of our regular writers this week.  As I sit thinking back on the happenings of the past week, I am struck by the deep vibrant green that has taken over the world, wherever I look.  The long overdue rain has not only revived the gardens and […]

You can find community anywhere you go

Hello from Ted at Dancing Rabbit with this week’s update. It’s been a quiet week here in the village, with the exception of intermittent sounds related to firewood procurement and preparation: a knuckle-boom log truck bringing logs for firewood, chainsaws (many electric, running on solar and wind power) cutting things to size, and the rhythmic […]


Howdy y’all. This is Ben at Dancing Rabbit, reeling from one of my least favorite seasonal events: the temporal manipulation known as “Daylight Savings Time Ends.” I seem about as able to convince my daughter that she gets an extra hour of sleep as I am trying to tell the goat she doesn’t need to […]

Life is indeed full of cherries.

Greetings gentle readers, this is Cob reporting on the latest and greatest happenings from Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage and our little houses on the prairie.  For those of you outside of northeastern Missouri, the unseasonably warm spring has given way to cooler temperatures and welcome rain, rejuvenating all the weeds and grasses that seek to take […]

Dancing Rabbit

Ah, the confusion of spring weather! It seemed so clear in March that we were headed for an early, steady spring; but of course spring around here typically includes all sorts of weather swings, and up through this past week, the threat of a last frost lingered. We waited and waited to fill in the […]