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‘Evening at the Museum’ to Offer Unique Look at Local History

The Downing House Museum Complex, as part of the Scotland County Historical Society, recently received a $2,000 grant from the US Bank Corporation. The grant is also being used to purchase props, supplies and costumes to host a fall event at the location at 311 South Main Street in Memphis, Missouri – “EVENING AT THE […]

Downing House Hosts Candlelit Tour of the Past

The Downing House Museum Complex and members of the community hosted an “Evening at the Museum – Candlelit Tour of the Past” this past weekend, October 14th and 15th.  Approximately 240 people attended the event, raising $1,200.00. Volunteers portrayed various characters and wrote their own dialogue for the two-night performance.  Characters included: a one-room school […]

Downing House to Open for Season on April 27th

A group of volunteers for the Downing House Museum Complex met on Tuesday, April 14th at 700 p.m. in the Christian Church basement. A short discussion concerning some of the minor updates and possible fund raising ideas took place. The volunteers who will be giving tours at the Museum Complex were provided historical information to […]

Downing House Museum Complex Set to Kickoff 2015 Season

Spring is here and with the warm weather plans are being made for the year at the Downing House Museum Complex.  Of course at the top of the list is fundraising for continued maintenance of the buildings and grounds which requires monetary donations as well as volunteering.  The museum board and chairpersons are very appreciative […]

Historic Downing House Will Hold Annual Lawn Party

Good news!!  We will be having our annual Lawn Party Saturday, August 23rd.  Lunch will begin serving after the Antique Fair Parade at 11:00 a.m. Elaine Forrester will be in charge with all her helpers.  That old maple tree will have enough shade for all.  We will set up the tables and chairs as we […]

Historic Downing House

Wilma June Kapfer Hello again. This summer has been so different, so Downing House Museum Complex has been different too. We had to close for three weeks during those very hot days. We are doing some much needed repairs at Downing House. This maintenance is needed every few years. You may have forgotten the age […]