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Winter Rules

Howdy y’all. Ben here, with yet another field report, churned out between the sundry tasks on my list. Where did I put that list anyway? Finding it is probably going to involve a walk in the cold somewhere. That’s my thing that I do in winter. I walk around in the cold. I slept in […]

MMS Walk-in-Clinic Ready to Deal With Cold & Flu Season

As the cold wind blows with damp air and the thermometer drops, the inevitable occurs for many, catching a bug and feeling under the weather. Memphis Medical Services offers a Walk-In Clinic every weekday morning at 8 a.m. “Just like if you were to pull in to a Drive-Thru at a fast food restaurant, there […]

Arctic Weather Blast Bogs Down Scotland County

With as little as five minutes of exposure all it could take to generate frostbite, Scotland County scaled back its activities to offset dangerously cold conditions that engulfed the region on Monday, January 6th. Early morning temperatures dipped to 15 degrees below zero and combined with a strong northwest wind that produced wind chill effects […]