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Local Legal System to Feature New Faces in 2019

With the official swearing in of newly elected county officials taking place on December 28th, the local legal system took on a new look, with a number of new faces taking office heading into 2019. While Kimberly J. Nicoli is a veteran of the system, she will be ascending to a new post. After nearly […]

City Marshal Post Remains in Question Following April Election

Despite a narrow majority of the small April election turnout voting against a proposal to eliminate the election of a city marshal, the Memphis City Council has been forced to address the issue with the resignation of the recently elected head of the city police force. Memphis Marshal Bill Holland resigned from the post on […]

Voter Turnout Only 13% For April 3rd Election in Scotland County

With very few contested races on the ballot, less than 15 percent of registered voters in Scotland County bothered to turn out for the April 3rd election. In the City of Memphis, voters shot down  Proposition 1, that would have amended the city ordinances so that the office of City Marshal no longer be elected, […]

April Ballot Measure Will Ask Voters to Transition Elected City Marshal Post to Hired Police Chief Position

In April, voters in Memphis will be asked to consider a change in the city ordinances to allow a shift in how the head of the police department is determined. Currently, voters elect a City Marshal for a four year term. A ballot proposal will ask for voter approval of the elimination of that position, […]