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Local Section 106 Notice

Wireless Investment Partnership, LLC intends to construct a communications facility or tower at 18920 W. Lindell Rd, Memphis, MO; 40° 27’ 58.72” N, 92° 10’ 55.89” W.  Wireless Investment Partnership, LLC proposes to build a new 303’ lattice self-support tower.Wireless Investment Partnership, LLC is publishing this notice in accordance with Federal Communications Commission regulations (47 […]

Proposed Cell Tower Appears to Have Hit Snags in Application Process

After waiting several months for word on the future of a proposed cellular tower on the outskirts of Memphis, well over one hundred concerned citizens recently were contacted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with an update on the status of the project. On September 26th, an email from Erica Rosenberg, Assistant Chief, Competition and […]

Concerned Citizens Request Six-Month Moratorium on Cellular Towers From City, County

A proposed cellular tower on Lindell Street was the topic of conversation  in a pair of meetings between a concerned citizens group and local government agencies. Kevin Brown and Brent Walker addressed the Scotland County Commission and the Memphis City Council on May 15tth seeking relief for the planned construction of a the 300-foot tall […]

Responding to the FCC, Wireless Investment Partnership, and Federal Airways & Airspace

I submitted the following response to the FCC, Wireless Investment Partnership and Federal Airways & Airspace after receiving their response to my request for an environmental review for the proposed cellular tower on Lindell Street. This is a reply to the Response to Pleading from Federal Airways & Airspace representing Wireless Investment Partnership, dated April […]

Tower’s Unknown Effects

I am writing this letter in regards/concern of the proposed 303′ tower to be built at 619 Lindell Blvd. property here in Memphis, MO. This proposed tower will be the equivalent of a 30 story building emitting Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) into our neighborhood. The Electromagnetic Field (EMF) up to 400 meters (1312.4 ft) from the […]

Concerns About Proposed Cell Tower Draws Large Crowd to Public Forum

A crowd estimated at between 60 to 100 guests gathered Friday evening, May 3rd at the First Baptist Church of Memphis to discuss a 300-foot tall cellular tower which has been proposed for construction on Lindell Street, just down the road from the facility. Local attorney Kevin Brown welcomed the community members to the event […]

Towering Over My House

I am writing this letter out of concern for the proposed 303-foot tower to be erected at 619 Lindell St. This proposed tower will stand the equivalent of a 30-story building. The tower will be able to be seen from all over the city limits of Memphis and surrounding areas. And at night, it’s FAA […]

Proposed Tower(s)

In the April 4th, 2019 publication of the Memphis Democrat a Legal Notice was made public. It was a notice from Wireless Investment Partnership that they were processing a new application with the FCC to install a 303’ AMSL Lattice Tower to be located at 40°27’58.72” N, 92°10’55.89” L. The physical location of the proposed […]