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Battle Over Proposed Tower Site Wages On While Second Structure is Erected

While Memphis residents continue to stake their claims against a proposed tower site on Lindell Boulevard on the west edge of town, the erection of a second tower commenced this week. In the shadows of the new construction efforts continued to require the Federal Communications Commission and the proposed tower’s owner, Wireless Investment Partnership, L.L.C. […]

City Council Approves Code Changes to Help Regulate Wireless Communication Facilities

In an effort to regulate the placement, construction, and modification of wireless communications facilities to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, the City of Memphis has approved ordinances amending Chapter 405 of the municipal code. On July 11th, the Memphis City Council voted to implement the ordinance changes to provide for the […]

Second 300-Foot Tall Tower Being Proposed on West Edge of Memphis

While a group of concerned citizens in Memphis is working to get a proposed 300-foot cellular tower moved further away from a residential area on the west edge of town, there is now a second similar structure being proposed just a few thousand feet to the northwest. Horizon Tower Group is proposing to build a […]