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Rutledge Residents Meet with Congressional Offices for Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Rutledge residents Sharon Bagatell and Tony Sirna traveled to Washington D.C. last week to meet with the Missouri Congressional delegation on Capitol Hill.  As part of a group called Citizens’ Climate Lobby, they spoke with the offices of all of the Representatives and Senators from Missouri regarding legislation to address the changing climate using market-based, […]

As Pope Releases Climate Message, Rutledge Volunteers Head to DC to Lobby For Solution

Following the release of Pope Francis’ much-anticipated encyclical dealing with climate change, two volunteerw from the Rutledge chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby will meet in Washington with their representatives and senators to press for legislation that places a fee on carbon and returns revenue to households. The Rutledge CCL members, who are traveling to the […]

American Energy = American Jobs

by U.S. Senator Roy Blunt   More American energy means more American jobs. But apparently, that isn’t a lesson that President Obama or Senate Democrats have learned yet. In a recent floor debate surrounding the Democrat budget, I was glad to help Democrats and Republicans pass an amendment introduced by my colleague Senator Hoeven to […]