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County Loses $294,545 Judgment as Missouri Court of Appeals Overturns Ruling Versus Insurance Company

A Cole County Circuit Court judgment in favor of Scotland County and the nearly $300,000 reimbursement order against the county’s insurer, Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Fund (MoPERM) has gone up in smoke as the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District overturned the lower court’s ruling. The county had sought financial relief from its insurer […]

Commission Votes 2-1 to Approve Changes to County Health Ordinance

The Scotland County Commission redefined populated areas as they deal with setback requirements for CAFOs, while also expanding the application requirements for a permit. In the wake of a costly lawsuit against the county, the Scotland County Commission voted 2-1 on October 29th to amend Ordinance 09-01, better known as the County Health Ordinance. The […]

CAFO Conundrum Continues

Commission to Host Public Meeting on Contentious County Health Ordinance Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) continue to be a point of debate in Scotland County. The Scotland County Commission will host an informational public hearing on Monday, October 26th at 6 p.m. in the commission chambers on the first floor of the Scotland County Courthouse. […]

County Secures Bank Funding to Pay Lawsuit Settlement

The Scotland County Commission met Wednesday, July 30th to officially amend the 2014 budget to include a $192,375.80 banking agreement to pay for the settlement of a lawsuit brought against the county’s health ordinance. Commissioner’s David Wiggins and Danette Clatt approved the amended budget, which does not change the bottom line for the county’s financial […]

County to Host Public Hearing to Discuss Possible Health Ordinance Changes

The Scotland County Commission will hold an informational public hearing on Wednesday, July 16th at 10:00 a.m. at the courthouse to discuss proposed changes to Ordinance 09-01, the county’s health ordinance that regulates Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). The county, which is currently in the settlement process on the losing side of a court battle […]

Missouri Court of Appeals Upholds Decision Versus Scotland County in CAFO Lawsuit

The Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District has upheld a nearly $180,000 judgment against Scotland County in a lawsuit filed by Gavin Hauk versus the county commission after his 2011 permit to construct a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) in Scotland County was denied by the county. The three judge panel of Robert M. Clayton […]

Judge Takes CAFO Lawsuit Versus County Under Advisement

Both parties will submit legal briefs to Judge Jack Peace prior to December 21st for consideration in his ruling. A Mercer County judge will be deciding the fate of a lawsuit against the Scotland County Commission following a one-day hearing held in the Scotland County Circuit Court on Thursday, October 25th. Third Circuit Judge Jack […]

County Commission Being Sued For Denying Health Permit for Proposed CAFO

  A Scotland County farmer is taking the county to court seeking a judicial review of the county commission’s decision not to grant him a county health permit for a proposed concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). Gavin Hauk has filed a lawsuit against the Scotland County Commissioners, Charles Harris, Jr.; Paul Campbell, and Danette Clatt, […]