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Don Tague’s ‘Mississippi Reveille’

by Sandra Kalman   Don “Buck” Tague of Gorin attended a World War II 65th Infantry Division Association reunion. Buck flew with his daughter, Jane Klopfer (of Des Moines, Iowa), to New Orleans, Louisiana, that famous Mississippi River city, for a reunion September 17 to 20, 2015. I joined Dad and Jane and we celebrated […]

Tague Travels to Florida for Reunion of 65th Infantry Division

by Sandy Kalman Don D. “Buck” Tague was one-of-eight of Patton’s Third Army soldiers who attended the 65th Infantry Division mini-reunion in Tampa, Florida, from February 13 to 16, 2014. Accompanying Buck were three family members: Buck’s sister, Vera Ann Crandal of Wayland, MO; Buck’s sister-in-law, Mona Trent Wynn Tague of Quincy, IL, and FL, […]