Members of the 2018 Memphis Swim Team were, front row (L to R) Reece Bergeson, Cammy Frederick, Addy Frederick, Kiersten Moore, Lilly Frederick, Keeley Brown, Cole Mazziotti, Tracy Huber, Arlo Both, and Brant Heine. Second row (L to R) are Sadie Williamson, Jaden Bergeson, Olivia Leyva, Payton Miller, Autumn Huber, Finley Heine, Wesley McSparren, Emma Gist, Ezra Both, Emory Black, and Laney Doster. Third row (L to R) are Bryn Aylward, Vikke Huber, Clara Davis, Rachel Barrett, Bethany Barrett, Aurelia Sterling, Kloe Mauck, Kelsey Buckallew, Carlee Smith, and Karli Hamilton. 4th Row (L to R) are Eric Yarbrough, Rebekah Lourcey, Claire Hite, Micah Cooley, Tresa Huber, and Mariah Buckallew. Not pictured were Anna Sophia Fortner, Chloe Fortner, Gabby Fortner, Jack Fortner, Haylee McMinn, Elle Wentworth, and Carter Williamson. The team was coached by Trinity Davis, Cinda Barrett, Emily Frederick, and Sadie Davis.

The River Country League Championships hosted by Sheridan Swim Club in Quincy was held on August 4th.  Competing teams in the final meet of the 2018 season were ASA Aquadogs (Kirksville), Can-Oka (Canton/Kahoka), Hamilton (IL), Hannibal, Jacksonville (IL), Louisiana (MO), Macomb (IL), Memphis, Sheridan, Quincy Country Club, Quincy YMCA, Pike County (IL).  The Memphis Swim Team placed 7th in the team standings.

Heat winners included Bryn Aylward, Micah Cooley, and Vikke Huber.

Swimmers performing personal records (PR) in their events at the season finale were Bryn Aylward, Rachel Barrett, Keeley Brown, Micah Cooley, Clara Davis, Addy Frederick, Cammy Frederick, Brant Heine, Autumn Huber, Tresa Huber, Vikke Huber, Olivia Leyva, Kloe Mauck, Cole Mazziotti, Payton Miller, Carlee Smith, Aurelia Sterling, Elle Wentworth, and Eric Yarbrough.

Memphis swimmers placing in the top 12 in their events were scored and are listed below:

8U Mixed Free Relay—5th, Olivia Leyva, Tracy Huber, Addy Frederick, Brant Heine

9-10 Girls Free Relay—3rd, Autumn Huber, Finley Heine, Elle Wentworth, Kloe Mauck

9-10 Mixed Free Relay—4th, Keeley Brown, Lilly Frederick, Cole Mazziotti, Wesley McSparren

13-14 Girls Free Relay—1st, Aurelia Sterling, Bryn Aylward, Payton Miller, Tresa Huber

15-18 Girls Free Relay—2nd, Vikke Huber, Rebekah Lourcey, Micah Cooley, Clara Davis

15-18 Mixed Free Relay—2nd, Rachel Barrett, Bethany Barrett, Carlee Smith, Eric Yarbrough

6U Girls Backstroke—Cammy Frederick, 2nd

7-8 Girls Backstroke—Elle Wentworth, 3rd; Olivia Leyva, 8th

7-8 Boys Backstroke—Brant Heine, 7th

9-10 Girls Backstroke—Kloe Mauck, 4th; Keeley Brown, 6th

9-10 Boys Backstroke—Wesley McSparren, 10th

13-14 Girls Backstroke—Haylee McMinn, 8th; Vikke Huber, 11th

15-18 Girls Backstroke—Micah Cooley, 8th; Clara Davis, 9th; Rebekah Lourcey, 10th

8U Girls 50-yard Freestyle—Elle Wentworth, 8th; Olivia Leyva, 11th

9-10 Boys 50-yard Freestyle—Wesley McSparren, 12th

11-12 Girls 100-yard Freestyle—Carlee Smith, 9th

13-14 Girls 100-yard Freestyle—Haylee McMinn, 9th

15-18 Girls 100-yard Freestyle—Rachel Barrett, 7th

15-18 Boys 100-yard Freestyle—Eric Yarbrough, 10th

7-8 Girls Breaststroke—Tracy Huber, 7th

7-8 Boys Breaststroke—Brant Heine, 7th

9-10 Boys Breaststroke—Emory Black, 11th

11-12 Girls Breaststroke—Carlee Smith, 5th; Aurelia Sterling, 11th

13-14 Girls Breaststroke—Tresa Huber, 5th; Vikke Huber, 7th; Bryn Aylward, 10th

15-18 Girls Breaststroke—Rachel Barrett, 3rd; Bethany Barrett, 5th; Micah Cooley, 10th; Clara Davis, 12th

15-18 Boys Breaststroke—Eric Yarbrough, 7th

6U Girls Butterfly—Cammy Frederick, 5th

7-8 Boys Butterfly—Brant Heine, 5th

15-18 Girls Butterfly—Bethany Barrett, 7th

15-18 Boys Butterfly—Eric Yarbrough, 8th

6U Girls 25-yard Freestyle—Cammy Frederick, 10th

7-8 Girls 25-yard Freestyle—Elle Wentworth, 10th

7-8 Boys 25-yard Freestyle—Brant Heine, 7th

9-10 Girls 25-yard Freestyle—Keeley Brown, 9th

9-10 Boys 25-yard Freestyle—Wesley McSparren, 8th

11-12 Girls 50-yard Freestyle—Carlee Smith, 4th

13-14 Girls 50-yard Freestyle—Haylee McMinn, 11th

15-18 Girls 50-yard Freestyle—Rachel Barrett, 4th; Bethany Barrett, 8th; Clara Davis, 11th; Rebekah Lourcey, 12th

15-18 Boys 50-yard Freestyle—Eric Yarbrough, 8th

11-12 Girls IM—Payton Miller, 10th

9-10 Girls Medley Relay—4th, Keeley Brown, Finley Heine, Cole Mazziotti, Lilly Frederick

9-10 Mixed Medley Relay—7th, Kloe Mauck, Emory Black, Wesley McSparren, Elle Wentworth

13-14 Girls Medley Relay—2nd, Haylee McMinn, Tresa Huber, Vikke Huber, Bryn Aylward

15-18 Girls Medley Relay—2nd, Micah Cooley, Rachel Barrett, Bethany Barrett, Carlee Smith