School starting, no way. Both of our youngest grandsons, Kameron and Russ are in their last year of preschool. Several of our older grandkids have taken off to college.  Times passes quickly.

I hope you all have had a good summer and enjoyed being with kids and grandkids. I have managed a couple of road trips with mine. In July we went to Beach Ottumwa for a day of water fun, and in August we had a fantastic day at Hannibal seeing the sights downtown, and lunch, then on to the cave.

I think Russ has been intrigued with Mark Twain. He listened intensively to several guides explaining Mark Twain days, and was able to see an impersonator of Mark Twain. He asked a lot of questions also. Fun times. I was talking to Kayla relative to calling my phone company, being Mark Twain Rural Telephone Co.  I said I called Mark Twain, and Russ turned around, quite wide eyed and said Granny did you talk to Mark Twain?  So very cute.

Recently, I don’t know  about all of you, but I have been making a lot of hummingbird food. I so enjoy watching them close up. I always say I am going to hold a feeder in my lap some morning and see if they will feed right from there. I make at least 4-6 cups per day.  Hungry little feathered friends need energy.

The wrens on the front porch are almost ready to fly and most birds on the trails are tending their young and teaching them what they will need to know for the winter months ahead. The Robins have sure quieted down. I love fall, but hate to see the hummingbirds leave in early October and all the other visitors get ready for winter.

My bluebirds took a hit this summer from the raccoons.  I tried a lot of things but some of them went down due to nest compromise.  I know that many of us need rain. We were able to get an inch here this last week, and close by 2.2 inches. Much needed.  My lawn mower has had a rest.

You should be seeing some American Gold Finches right now at your feeder, still colored in their best yellow suits. Enjoy the rest of the summer, and until next time, good bird watching.