August 1 – Summer is on the downhill slide.  And don’t ask where it has gone – I don’t know. It seems like just yesterday we were all talking about receiving snow in April. My Cabin Robins have flown, now I am wondering if I take the nest down will she build a third one. I have one nest of bluebirds that will be flying soon, and another nest with three eggs.  It seems I have better luck this time of year than earlier in the spring and summer.

The coons are now busy doing something else or not as hungry, and the wrens are all super busy.  I have one wren nest with 6 eggs.  Yes, they lay 5-6 and thrive quite well. I had one here on the front porch and I enjoyed their little family.

I did some mowing on the trails, and do have them available to walk. If you wish to take a walk through the wild flower area, you would have to park in the east parking area. The trails themselves are short on flowers due to us using them for hay this year. I have a pair of quail with babies also. I enjoy hearing them talk.

It seems this summer has been a stressful one for farmers, cattle ranchers, and other people that depend on rain.  Our lake is really low, and not much fun when it is down. We must keep praying for the rains to come, and help fill the ponds for the livestock, and help pastures and yards.

I have been making pickle relish, and freezing zucchini today. I do all the canning in the basement and most of the baking up here.  Good thing I have a great nephew with a green thumb.  He always has plenty for me. My small raised bed garden has no water source by it, and it is a job to gather up enough hoses to reach, or load up the Rancher with milk jugs full of water.

August will go by just as fast and school will be taking up once again.  I hope all of you are enjoying a vacation and a get away with your family.  Until next time, good birdwatching.