The Board of the City of Downing convened at 6:00 p.m. on March 5, 2018 with Mayor Alan Garrett presiding. Present were Aldermen Ray Bange, Bill Anderson, Gene Bruner, and Hannah Poe, City Clerk Carol Dryden and Water/Waste Water Operator Larry Smith.

Copies of the agenda, minutes of the last meeting, deposits and disbursements, monthly water report, and account balances. Were given to all present.

Mayor Alan Garrett called the meeting to order.

A motion to approve the agenda was made by Bill Anderson and seconded by Gene Bruner and carried unanimously.

A motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting was made by Ray Bange and seconded by Bill Anderson and carried unanimously.

A motion to approve bills was made by Bill Anderson and seconded by Gene Bruner and carried unanimously.

Jeff Kormann from MAP (Midwest Assistance Program) came to give us some information about what MAP does to help communities like ours. They help with Facilities Development, Management and Finance, They help with Planning and Development of new projects and Operations and Maintenance of projects in Water and Sewer systems.

Water/Waste Water Report: Larry checked with DNR and found out we could not put a bubblier in water tower due to contamination issues. He will look into getting information or other ways to fix the problem. Larry is to call Rapid Rooter back and get him to run the camera down more lines as people are still complaining about sewer gas smell.

Street Maintenance: Lots of rock in edges of yards that needs to be cleaned out and put back on the roads.

Old and Unfinished Business: Larry is contacting Anderson Construction to install a hot water heater in City Hall. Board discussed buy mowing equipment and hiring someone to mow cemetery and city properties but decided it is more cost effective to continue with the way we do it by taking bids and hiring someone to do the job.

New Business: Need to get the hole fixed in a private yard due to damage from a storm drain breaking down.

Complaints: Road in front of Housing unit is in terrible shape need more gravel on it this year and needs to be maintained regularly. Board members have had several complaints about the road conditions, there are lots of large holes ditches across roads and many other issues. The board informed Larry to get on them quickly before someone has damage to their vehicle.

Went into Closed Session at 7:25. Employees evaluations were discussed. Went back into regular session at 8:15.

Positive Thoughts: We have gotten some much needed rain and looking forward to Spring.

A motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 was made by Bill Anderson and seconded by Ray Bange and carried unanimously.

Submitted by Carol Dryden, City Clerk