Corey Stott was looking to get back to his roots. The Scotland County R-I graduate recently launched a new business in Memphis, Stott Bookkeeping and Tax Services. With a degree in agri-business and local family ties, the move made sense on more than one front.

“I had been considering launching my own business and this just seemed like the right fit.” said Stott, who opened his office at 123 E. Monroe Street in January. “We have several quality service providers in the area, but I think they are extremely busy, so I am hoping I can attract clients by expediting the process and offering some additional wrinkles.”

On such offering is a Refund Transfer, which allows for no up-front cost for tax preparation clients.

“Basically you don’t pay anything until you receive your refund, at which time the costs of the service are deducted,” said Stott. “That way there is no money out of pocket for the client.”

“The client can opt for a refund transfer, which is where we would then simply take the fees out of the refund,” said Stott. “That process normally ranges from 7-14 days to complete.”

That is just one of the advantages Stott can offer with his unique affiliation with a national service provider.

“It is not a franchise, simply an affiliation, which offers me a technical support network for networking on tax related questions, not to mention software and technical support,” said Stott.

The Indianapolis, IN based company provides service in all 50 states.

Stott is accepting new clients for both individual and commercial tax preparation. He offers electronic filing services.

Potential clients can schedule an appointment for an interview or can make arrangements to simply drop off tax documents for entry and filing. Office hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday. The business is located on the south side of the Memphis square in the former Farmers Mutual Insurance office.

With tax season in full swing, Stott said his focus is on the April 15th filing deadline. However he also offers commercial bookkeeping services as well, including payroll management, record keeping and state and federal sales tax and employment tax processing.

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