Greg Steele is opening Steele’s Skull Mounts, a new business near Gorin, just in time for Missouri’s 2018 deer season.

Just like most local youth, Greg Steele enjoyed deer hunting while he was growing up. Now with the aid of the Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation service, the Gorin native is turning his passion into a career.

Greg recently opened Steele’s Skull Mounts at his grandparents farm on County Road 103 near Gorin. It is the culmination of a period of training under a master taxidermist as well as certification through the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Steele, who currently is employed full-time through Industrial Opportunities in Kahoka, is proud to announce the launch of the new business just in time for the 2018 deer season.

“It is a service I believe can benefit area hunters, offering an alternative type of trophy mount that can be really affordable,” he said.

Greg will maintain freezer space to store the trophy until it is processed. That work involves removing the hide and boiling the skull to remove all perishable covering, resulting in a clean prize that can be wall mounted to commemorate a successful hunt.

The vocational rehab program, administered through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, assists individuals with disabilities that may limit them in finding employment or prevent them from advancing in a workplace.

Working with a vocational rehab counselor, Greg was able to identify a small business opportunity, pursue the necessary training and secure the equipment required to fulfill the plan.

For more information about the business or to schedule an appointment to have your trophy created, contact Greg at 660-956-3905.