State MSSDAR (Missouri State Society DAR) Regent, Cynthia Suich was honored October 7, 2018 by four area DAR Chapters with a morning reception held at the Christian Church in Memphis.

Local Chapters honoring her were Ann Helm, DAR of Adair County; Schuyler County Chapter, DAR; Clark County Chapter, DAR; and Jauflione Chapter of Scotland County.

Over 40 members were present to greet her and learn her plans for her three-year term.

The meeting was conducted by Northeast District Director, Mitzie Pitford of Clark County Chapter, who welcomed all attending.

Katie Miller, CAR, acted as flag bearer. Following the Ritual, Patricia Miller led the group in singing “Star Spangled Banner”.

Jauflione Chapter Past Regent, June Kice, introduced Dr. Harlo Donelson. Dr. Donelson entertained the group with a very heartwarming rendition of “The Ragged Old Flag” followed by singing “God Bless America”. He then invited the group to sing it along with him, a touching and appropriate opening for the meeting.

District Director, Mitzie Pitford, introduced the guest speaker, MSSDA1R Regent Cynthia Suich. Regent Suich discussed her plans for her three-year term. MSSDAR will accomplish much under her leadership.

Lois Humes of Clark County Chapter gave the blessing before lunch.

Each Chapter furnished themed gift baskets to be raffled off to raise funds for the State Regent’s Project. Three were Autumn themed and one Christmas basket An Autumn basket was prepared as a gift to the State Regent. Rayline Perry conducted the drawing for the baskets.

Lois Humes of Clark County Chapter gave the benediction. District Director Pitford adjourned the meeting. Everyone departed feeling we will accomplish much under the leadership of Regent Suich and District Director Pitford.