To be a critical thinker is to weigh circumstances and elements with the ponderization of what can become as a result of such factors. To be critical, on the other hand is to find fault usually as a narrow-minded habitualistic process. We want to be the former; not the latter.

The critic wants others to lose. Thus their voices plant doubt and disarray regarding a project or a colleague. The critical thinker wants you to win. He or she or they evaluate what might work, what could become, what potential exists.

Different, don’t you think?

The critic embellishes the problems; soaks in them. The critical thinker sees the very same stresses; yet continues to seek solutions by altering the thinking processes. One raises doubt while the other provides hope.

That’s one of my favorite things about Jesus. Religion kept persistently trying to bully him with “he didn’t get that right” as well as “he got that wrong”-isms. Jesus continually solved the problem of the religious devotees. He gave us a vision to see past our negative tendencies, even as believers, and into His region of true meaningful living.

If we are sarcastic and hateful, we are on the road as a critic. If we are solutionistic in our reborn nature, we are only so because we know the Chief Critical Thinker.

May we convert from Losers to Winners simply by one giant leap; changing our perspective.

This. Is. Available. To. Every. Individual.
See. The. Very. Strong. Possibility. Critical. Thinking. Rescues.