The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office has opened an investigation into numerous recent complaints by local residents regarding potential scam phone calls from individuals claiming to be representing the IRS and the Social Security Office.

“On the IRS calls, they advise people that they have a warrant for their arrest over unpaid taxes,” said Sheriff Wayne Winn. “They then get people scared and thinking that they are in trouble, asking them for money to clear the matter up without going to court.”

The Sheriff’s Office indicated the number often associated with the IRS calls has been 281-929-8239.

Additional reports have been investigated related to the number 702-919-4015, where many of the bogus Social Security Office calls are allegedlt originating from.

“This number has been the one claiming that the citizen’s Social Security card has been found in a vehicle that was a murder scene,” explained Winn. “They then want the call recipient to verify their Social Security number over the phone.”

Winn warned the public never to give out their Social Security number over the phone. He advised that anyone receiving suspicious phone calls can easily do an online search of the phone number to determine if it is legitimate or not.

“The phone numbers being reported to us all have had numerous listings for scams,” said Winn.