Dear Editor,

This is a response to the SCH Board Meeting notes from July 26th, 2018, which were published in the Memphis Democrat on August 16th, 2018. Specifically, I want to set the record straight regarding the quote by Dr. Tobler to the Board of Directors, where he stated the reason for SCH failing to meet the Secure Message Meaning Use metric was “due to the untimely resignations of full-time Informatics staff monitoring the Meaningful Use metrics”.

This statement isn’t truthful, and a CEO should know better. The Board of Directors respectfully deserve a better explanation of your failure.

In 2016, I was personally involved with informing Dr. Tobler and SCH clinicians of the initial Secure Message meaningful use measure. Clinicians were shown by myself and other Informatics staff, how to securely send messages to patients through the EMR to a patient’s portal to meet this measure. Other clinical staff were also shown. Clearly written instructions were also provided via email to staff, which they could reference at any time. At some point, professionals are required to take personal responsibility for their actions, and accept the consequences when they fail to fulfill their duties.

What the Board of Directors need to understand, is that there are employees currently working for the SCH that are familiar with Meaningful Use requirements. They have access to monitor these Meaningful Use metrics through a 3rd party vendor called MediSolv.

Failure to meet this measure has nothing to do with the untimely resignation of Informatics staff. SCH failing to meet this measure is a result of failed leadership from the top, and dereliction of duties by those that know better.

Dr. Tobler, don’t point blame in my direction nor my former employees direction for any failures you and SCH encounter. That failure is 100% on you. There is a lot more I could disclose on this topic, but I’ll leave it at that.

I would like to close by saying there are a lot of great people that work for SCH. Please don’t construe anything I’ve said as a negative in regards to the healthcare SCH provides the community. They do a tremendous job. Memphis is fortunate to have such a fine facility with great clinicians, talented nurses, remarkable ancillary services and excellent supporting staff.


Cody Arnold

Ashland, MO