By Love Serve One Another – Galatians 5:13

That Bible verse is at the center of many mission fields and thus will be coming home full circle in a local benefit effort to support future work in Africa.

A special Benefit Supper and Servant Auction will be held Friday, October 11th at the Lakeside Mennonite Relief Center in Rutledge.

While this community is well known for its efforts to support a variety of causes with benefit meals, the service will take center stage on Friday night. No their won’t be spotlights on the wait staff, but instead of numerous volunteers who will have their services auction off to the highest bidder to help raise money for the Palm Ministries.

Current missionaries Merlin and Bethany Ramer have returned home this week from Africa for a visit. They will be featured speakers at the event, sharing a slide show and talk about their work at Palm Ministries in Ghana.

In an effort to raise money to support the ministry, a servant auction will be held starting at 6 p.m.

“You will not be bringing items to sell at this benefit auction, but will instead be selling your time and service,” said one of the event organizer’s Dorothy Zimmerman.

Examples of such services expected to auctioned off include babysitting, cleaning, sewing, and meal preparation. Other services likely will include fire wood cutting and delivery, home repairs, carpentry and much more.

In addition the event will feature a silent auction of items being brought home from Africa by Merlin and Bethany.

Supper will be served from 5 to 7 p.m. and will include burgers, puller pork, salad, snacks, pie and ice cream.

Following the auction Merlin will give a slide presentation of his family’s work in Africa.

The will be returning to Africa next year as part of a three-year commitment to the Palm Ministries, which is a joint effort of Mid-Atlantic Fellowship and Weaver land Conference. It started with the goal to serve the people of Ghana through the palm oil project, which coupled with spiritual teaching, is targeting the poverty-stricken souls in Africa, while teaching them to provide for themselves.

Merlin serves as the plant manager for the Palm Press, which provides jobs while generating palm oil for sale to help support the mission efforts.

“I am excited for this program,” he said in the Palm Ministries Spring 2019 Newsletter. “It not only is making a difference in the employee’s lives, but I also believe it will make a long-term difference in the village of Awsomdree.”

Merlin noted that when he isn’t working in the plant, he keeps busy delivering the palm oil to local markets and working on securing plans and supplies for future upgrades for the facility.

Bethany works with the youth, assisting with the school and hosting an evening Bible school class.

“Our prayer is that through the bible studies it can be a small seed of God’s word planted in their lives, that it can impact choices and the direction they chose to go in life,” she said.

The couple arrived in Ghana in January this year. They landed in the nation’s capital Accra, which is home to more than two million residents. From there it was a three-hour drive to the village of Elmina on the cape coast.

In June they participated in a vacation Bible school for the village of Atonkwa, whose residents are predominantly Muslim.

“God gave us the ability to handle more children than we imagined and we were able to serve 172 children,” said Bethany.

To learn more about Africa, and the Mission and to help support the efforts please plan on attending the October 11th benefit.