Missouri State Senator Cindy O’Laughlin visits with constituents at the Cheese Post in Downing during a stop as part of a recent tour of northeast Missouri.

On Monday, September 30th, Missouri State Senator Cindy O’Laughlin took time out of her busy schedule to visit northeast Missouri and meet with constituents.

The tour opened at 11 a.m. at the Schuyler County High School where the senator joined guests for a meeting with Mr. Haines the district’s FFA director and agriculture science teacher.

“She was impressed with the shop and greenhouse,” said tour organizer Stephanie Campbell. “She gave suggestions of other shops she had seen, and Mr. Haines took note of them,”

The senator talked about the future of FFA students, and students in general going to trade schools, and how they can be prepared through high school, and what she can do to help get them get there.

From there the group moved on to Lancaster, taking a tour, and stopping for photos of the W.P. Hall museum, and Schuyler County Historical Museum. Which you can find on Face book, or  the web: http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMKMN9_Schuyler_County_Historical_Society_WP_Hall_Museum_Lancaster_MO

 After leaving the museum with lots of photos, and visiting with Sandra, the next stop was the Cheese Post in Downing for soup, and Aunt Denise’s Pies.

“We were greeted with a parking lot full of folks waiting on us,” said Campbell.

 Constituents from Greentop, Queen City, Rutledge, Memphis, and Downing were present to address their concerns on their community. Topics of discussion included education, transportation, windmills, hog farms, taxes, elections, welfare, budget, socialism, corruption, and the volunteer fire station.

“One point of interest were complaints on Route N about how feed trucks for the farmers run that road instead of using Highway 63, and how MODOT will not fix it, nor take care of it in the winter,” said Campbell. “They made a suggestion the Senator should take a ride on it, and she did just that.”

The senator later posted on her Facebook page the following report:

“After my visit to the Downing cafe yesterday, I was told to travel Route N which I did. A major artery North/South, lots of semis. It was like riding in a bathtub. The asphalt has worn down into “waves” and if you go even 55 your vehicle is thrown from side to side. I asked the group if they had been in favor of the gas or sales tax and one responded yes but he voted no. When I asked why he replied how would we be sure we wouldn’t pay more but not receive upgrades. They also mentioned an instance where a local road was to be upgraded but when work began it was found to have no base. So the work was abandoned.”

Campbell praised the reception at the Cheese Post, noting the soup making efforts of Cheri and the baking performed by Megan as well as the pies by Denise.

“A lot of food, coffee, and questions were taken in, and another event is already in the planning,” said Campbell.