The Scotland County School District will host its 3rd Community Vision Team Meeting on Tuesday, June 17 in the High School Commons at 6:00 p.m.

The first two meetings were held on April 24 and May 13.  Fifty-three total community members have attended the previous two meetings and a total of 29 people have attended both meetings.  The first two meetings included discussions about pride within the school system and community, a review of the district facility study that addressed issues with current building structures and inadequacies, small group discussion, safety and security, prioritizing needs and wants, and financial information.

The 3rd meeting will be Tuesday, June 17 and the discussion will be centered around cost estimates for the priorities that were outlined during the two prior Community Vision Team Meetings.  ACI Boland Architects have been working with the Scotland County School District during this entire process and they have designed a building concept to convey what future expansion would possibly look like to address our current needs.  ACI Boland will also outline a cost estimate for each phase of the potential facility upgrade.