The College Board released the results of the 2017 Advanced Placement (AP) exams last week and Scotland County R-I continues to note significant growth and improvement.  SCR-I offers AP Calculus and AP Statistics taught by Kim McCluskey, AP Physics and AP Chemistry taught by Terri Slaughter, and AP United States History taught by Kody McCluskey.

For the 2016-17 academic year, 22 students participated in the AP Program at SCR-I and 35 total AP exams were taken. The AP exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5 with scores of 3 or above considered passing.  Most colleges and universities award credit for passing scores.

This year SCR-I’s overall pass rate was 40%, an improvement from last year’s 24.3% pass rate. The students who took the AP US History exam performed exceptionally well with 4 out of 6 (66.7%) passing the exam. Each year over 450,000 students across the world take this history exam and typically only 50-54% earn passing scores.

According to the College Board, last year 33% of graduating public high school students had taken an AP exam. By comparison, SCR-I’s Class of 2017 exceeded that with 48.8% having taken an AP exam. The College Board also reports that last year 11.4% of Missouri and 21.9% of US public high schools students had passed an AP exam. SCR-I’s Class of 2017 surpassed the Missouri pass rate with 19.5% having passed an AP exam and only missed exceeding the US pass rate by 1 student.

The following students earned passing scores (scores of 3 or above) on the 2017 AP exams:

AP Calculus: Elijah Cooley, Sadie Davis, Evan Hite, and Justin McKee

AP Physics:  Elijah Cooley and Evan Hite

AP Statistics:  Sadie Davis, Lydia Hunt, Ariel Quenneville, and Stephen Terrill

AP United States History:  Rebekah Duzan, Andrew Ebeling, Riley Kliethermes, and Ariel Quenneville

Two students deserve additional recognition for earning a 5 on an AP exam.  According to the College Board, earning a 5 indicates that the student has proven they are “extremely well qualified” of doing the work of an introductory-level college course in that particular subject. This year Elijah Cooley earned a 5 on the AP Calculus exam and Ariel Quenneville earned a 5 on the AP United States History exam.

When asked about how the AP program has benefited them, Elijah said, “I’m very thankful for the opportunity to take AP classes because they did wonders to boost my confidence and ability to learn.  I now feel more prepared and excited about my college career.”  Ariel stated: “The AP courses I took my senior year really opened my eyes to the level of learning I will experience in college.  I am so grateful to have had wonderful AP teachers who made it possible to offer these courses and who prepared me for the exams.”

In addition, Evan Hite not only completed all 5 AP courses offered at SCR-1 during his junior and senior years, but he also earned passing scores on all 5 exams.  Evan will be attending Missouri S & T in Rolla in the fall where he will be awarded college credit for his AP exam scores according to the university’s policies.  When asked how the AP program helped prepare him for college, Evan replied “The AP courses cause you to ponder and grasp hold of the concepts so you have an intimate understanding of the material.  This has given me a firm foundation to build on as I start my college career.”

SCR-1’s AP Program will enter its fourth year this fall and continued growth and improvement is expected!