Thursday, November 16 – Breakfast Burrito, Choice of Cereal, Toast/Jelly, Orange Wedge/Grapes, Juice/Milk

Friday, November 17 – Sausage/Gravy Biscuits, Choice of Cereal, Apple Cinnamon Muffin, Banana, Juice/Milk

Monday, November 20 – Chocolate Chip Pop-Tarts, Choice of Cereal, Toast/Jelly, Fruit Medley, Juice/Milk

Tuesday, November 21 – Scrambled Eggs, Choice of Cereal, Hash Browns, Toast/Jelly, Apple Rings, Juice/Milk

Wed., November 22 – No School.

Thursday, November 23 – Happy Thanksgiving, No School.


Thursday, November 16 – Lasagna/Ground Beef, Chicken Wrap, Hamburger Bar, Green Beans, Garlic Bread, Applesauce, Fresh Fruit.

Friday, November 17 – Pizza Roll-Ups, Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Peas/Carrots, Blueberry Jell-O, Sliced Pears, Fresh Fruit

Monday, November 20 – Ham and Beans/Cornbread, Bar BQ Pork Sandwich, 5th/6th Grade Chef Salad, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Cole Slaw, Fruit Cocktail, Fresh Fruit

Tuesday, November 21 – Chicken Patty/Bun, Juicy Burger/Bun, 5th/6th Grade Taco Bar, Curly Q Fries, Buttered Corn, Sliced Pears, Fresh Fruit

Wed., November 22 – No School.

Thursday, November 23 – No School, Happy Thanksgiving!