Friday, November 29 – No School.

Monday, December 2 – Flapjack on a Stick, Choice of Cereal, Orange Wedges/Grapes, Toast/Jelly, Juice/Milk

Tuesday, December 3 – Oatmeal, Choice of Cereal, Sliced Apples, Whole Wheat Toast, Peanut Butter, Juice/Milk

Wednesday, December 4 – Bacon/Egg/Cheese Sandwich, Choice of Cereal, Strawberries, Toast/Jelly, Juice/Milk

Thursday, December 5 – Breakfast Burrito, Choice of Cereal, Orange Rings, Cinnamon Biscuit, Toast/Jelly, Juice/Milk

Friday, December 6 – Sausage/Gravy Biscuits, Choice of Cereal, Banana, Chocolate Chip Muffin, Juice/Milk


Friday, November 29 – No School.

Monday, December 2 – Crispy Chicken Strips, Bean and Weiner, 5th/6th Grade Chef Salad, Potato Rounds, Buttered Corn, Pineapple Tidbits, Fresh Fruit

Tuesday, December 3 – Italian Dunkers, Chicken Nuggets, 5th/6th Grade Taco Bar, Peas/Carrots, Vegetable Sticks, Sliced Pears, Fresh Fruit

Wednesday, December 4 – Salisbury Steak, Sliced Ham, 5th/6th Grade Potato Bar, Broccoli Cuts, Whipped Potatoes/Gravy, Sliced Peaches, Fresh Fruit

Thursday, December 5 – Chili Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, 5th/6th Grade Hamburger Bar, Vegetable Sticks, Turkey Salad Sandwich, Cheese Stick, Saltine Crackers, Cinnamon Apple Slices, Fresh Fruit

Friday, December 6 – Catfish Strips, Chicken Nuggets, Cole Slaw, Carrot Coins, Peas, Fruit Cocktail, Banana