Perfection narrowly escaped the Scotland County R-I School District, which missed just by one point on the recently released Annual Performance Report (APR) from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

“We are extremely proud of the overall results of the 2015 MSIP 5 scoring guide,” said SCR-I Superintendent Ryan Bergeson. “Our teachers and staff deserve a tremendous amount of credit and respect for their efforts with our students on a daily basis.  We also give a lot of the overall credit to our students.  It is their hard work, dedication, and commitment that allows them to be successful.  The Scotland County R-I School District has a track record of high achievement that we hope to continue and it is because of the partnership with teachers, students, parents, and the community all working together toward a common goal.”

The APR outlines performance on five standards for K-12 districts: academic achievement, subgroup achievement, high school readiness (k-8) and college and career readiness (k-12), attendance rate and graduation rate.

The SCR-I district earned a perfect score for academic achievement, scoring 16 points each in English language arts performance in 2014 and 2015, mathematics in 2014 and 2015 and science as well as a perfect 8.0 score in social studies to score 56 out of 56 in the category overall.

Schools administer assessments required by the MAP to measure academic achievement and demonstrate improvement in the performance of students over time. Districts and charter schools may earn points either on status and progress or status and growth.

Status is a measurement of the school’s level of achievement based upon a three year average of performance. Status is divided into four levels; the 2020 target, on track, approaching and floor.

Student progress is a measurement of annual improvement on the MAP assessments. This indicator holds schools accountable for continuous improvement year to year using a rolling average. For example, this year’s third grade class improved over last year’s third grade class.

MAP Graph

Student growth is the change in achievement scores for an individual student between two or more points in time.

Subgroup achievement displays the percent proficient or advanced and the MAP Performance Index (MPI) by subject area for students who are included in identified subgroups, including free/reduced price lunch, African American and Hispanic, English language learners, and students with disabilities.  The MPI is used to calculate the status and progress measures.

SCR-I earned 13 of the possible 14 points in this category, with the lone deduction occurring for mathematics, which received three of the possible four points. English language arts earned four points as did science with social studies producing a perfect two score.

High school and college and career readiness insures that the district provides adequate postsecondary preparation for all students.

The category is broken down into three College and Career Ready (CCR) categories. The first measures the percent of graduates scoring at or above the state standard for the ACT, SAT, COMPASS or the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests. SCR-I received all 10 possible points in this category.

The second category measures the percent of graduates who earned a qualifying score on the AP, IB or Technical Skills Attainment (TSA) assessments or a qualifying grade in AP, IB, early college, dual enrollment, or approved dual credit courses.

The third CCR category measures the percent of graduates who attend post-secondary education or training, are in the military, or who complete a Department-approved Career Education program and are placed in an occupation directly related to their training by the number of graduates.

SCR-I earned perfect 10s in both of these categories as well, to earn all 30 points possible.

Attendance rate scoring ensures all students regularly attend school. The percent of students who regularly attend school meets or exceeds the state standard or demonstrates required improvement.

The district ensures all students successfully complete high school. The percent of students who complete an educational program that meets the graduation requirements as established by the board meets or exceeds the state standard or demonstrates required improvement.

SCR-I earned a 10/10 score in attendance and 30/30 for its graduation rate giving the district 139 out of a total of 140 points possible on the APR. The score marks a third consecutive year of improvement for SCR-I, which scored 127.5 in 2013 before earning a 132 last year.