SCR-I’s Kim McCluskey was a featured presenter at the AP Annual Conference. She spoke about developing an Advanced Placement program in a small rural school.

The Advanced Placement Program at Scotland County R-I is about to enter its fifth year. The results of the 2018 AP exams are in and SCR-I students continue to see positive results. Over 2.7 million students around the world took 4.9 million AP exams this May. On any given exam, the overall pass rate is typically only between 50% and 60%.  The following SCR-I students earned passing scores on the 2018 AP Exams:

Alyssa Clair: AP Statistics; Jared Dunn: AP Statistics and AP US History; Lydia Hunt: AP US History; Gabe Shultz: AP Statistics; Adam Slayton: AP US History; Stephen Terrill: AP US History; Gabby Zahn: AP Statistics.

In Missouri, 19% of graduating public high school students have taken an AP exam and 12.2% have passed an exam.  The SCR-1 class of 2018 was above both of these averages with 34.4% who have taken an AP exam and 12.5% who have passed at least one AP exam.

For the second year in a row, Kody McCluskey’s pass rate on the AP US History exam has been above the national average.  Both years, 66.7% of Mr. McCluskey’s students earned passing scores on the exam, which is well above the national pass rate of around 51%.

When asked about the AP Program at SCR-I, the students had many great things to say.

“The AP Program has helped me prepare for college by developing good study habits and giving me a better understanding of the material and expectations of what college professors would want in my responses,” said Gabe Shultz. “The AP teachers at SCR-I are very knowledgeable in their subjects and are great attributes to their students.”

Andrea Brassfield will be adding AP Language and Composition for SCR-I high school students in 2018-19.

“The AP teachers at SCR-I have been extremely instrumental in preparing us for not only the AP exams but also for our future college experiences,” said Gabby Zahn. “It is incredible that we have the opportunity to take these rigorous courses.  It is even more impressive that, in a community this size, we have a faculty who extend themselves on our behalf to provide these courses.”

“The AP Program has helped me prepare for college by teaching me new study techniques as well as the importance of actually studying and not procrastinating,” said Jared Dunn. “By giving me the opportunity to experience college-level classes in high school, the program has better prepared me for the difficult coursework I will face in college.”

Lydia Hunt said, “I am grateful for the opportunity to take AP and dual credit courses in high school because they have helped me develop college-level academic skills.” Her mom, Andrea Hunt, echoed her daughter’s praise as well: “I want to thank the SCR-1 administration and faculty for the opportunities they provide to our students.  The AP Program and dual credit classes have proven to be very beneficial to Lydia.  They have given her a huge jump start on her higher education and have saved us a lot of money!”

Two new AP courses will be added for the 2018-19 academic year, bringing the total number of AP course offerings at SCR-I up to seven. Andrea Brassfield will be adding AP Language and Composition and Kody McCluskey will be adding AP US Government and Politics. There are three public high schools in northeast Missouri that offer more than three AP courses:  Kirksville R-III, Mexico School District, and Scotland County R-I.

The AP teachers have been busy this summer preparing for the upcoming academic year.  Terri Slaughter is enhancing her classroom with new technology at each science lab station to help facilitate increased collaboration.  Kody McCluskey and Andrea Brassfield are preparing the curriculum for their new AP courses.  Andrea also attended a week-long AP Summer Institute in St. Louis in preparation for teaching AP Language and Composition.

“My week at the AP Institute was amazing,” said Brassfield. “The training, collaboration with other teachers, and resources we each brought home have been so beneficial.  I am excited to incorporate this training in ALL the English courses I will be teaching this year!”

Kim McCluskey attended the AP Annual Conference in Houston, Texas and presented a 75-minute session titled Developing an AP Program in a Small, Rural School.  She will be giving the same presentation as well as a second presentation about dual credit at the International Symposium for Innovation in Rural Education (ISFIRE) in Bozeman, Montana this week.

“I am very proud of the dedication that our teachers give to providing every opportunity possible to students at SCR-I and I am proud of the students who accept the challenge to rise above the bar,” said SCR-I High School Principal Kirk Stott.