Grade cards were sent home from school months ago, but Scotland County R-I recently learned it had earned a positive report card of its own when the results of the 2018 school bus inspections were released last week by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The SCR-I District presented 17 vehicles for inspection and received a 94.1% approval rate. That came in above the state average, where 90.6% of the state’s 12,018 buses inspected by the Patrol received approval.

District’s earning a 90% or higher approval rate, with no out of service buses, may display the Total Fleet Excellence sticker on buses operated in the district during the 2018-2019 school year. Motor vehicle inspection personnel from the Patrol will deliver the 2018 stickers to award-winning districts after August 1st.

Total Fleet Excellence awards will be presented in conjunction with the MAPT annual conference and trade show in Columbia on Wednesday, July 11th.

“While the distinction of Total Fleet Excellence is awarded directly to the school district for which buses are operated, I recognize that the successful maintenance of a district’s fleet is a team effort,” said Captain Lester D. Elder, director of the Patrol Motor Vehicle Inspection Division. “As such, I encourage you to recognize all individuals responsible for successful 2018 inspection results. It remains our joint responsibility to provide safe transportation services to Missouri’s students. Thank you for your continued commitment to this goal.”