I always enjoy scouting for bird nests and this is a good time of year to do this.  I was checking out some bare trees today. The funniest thing happened.  I was watching some sparrows near a Robin’s nest of summer.  There were four or five sparrows and each one took a turn getting in the nest, wiggling around and moving on.  I guess maybe they were checking it out as a roost place.  I plan to check next week for a few more nests as it is supposed to warm up.

Have you started feeding the birds yet for the winter?  If you are on a tight budget and want to offer something for a variety of birds, cracked corn is a great way to start. A 50 lb. sack can be pretty affordable depending on the grain market. Corn is near the top of the list for cardinals, jays, and woodpeckers, which eagerly seek out whole ears as well. Red-winged blackbirds and other blackbirds also flock to corn.  Pheasants, quail, starlings, towhees will eat the whole grain.  I do not like to feed it, as I have starlings that tend to bother my feeders.

Cracked corn works well in platform feeders. If you want to move the nasty birds away from your pretty bird feeder, place a feeder away from your main feeding stations and the starlings, blackbirds, sparrows, etc., will flock to that.

Don’t keep too much corn on hand, as insects can infest it. Store it in a tightly closed container, and don’t feed too much at one time. I pick up a lot of corn in the corn field after harvest, so I usually have plenty of ear corn, providing I keep it covered from those darn mice. Always something to keep you busy.

A couple of weeks ago, I guess someone thought that I needed a cat. I had the most adorable half grown kitty dropped off I guess.  Nevertheless, he is a sweetheart, and I have fallen in love with him. I even took him to the doctor. Shots and all.  He doesn’t seem to be worried about the birds, so I guess I’m ok so far. I told Buster (most voted on name), that he could not be a house cat, had to be a shop cat and so far it is working out. I normally do not want a pet due to the fact that I have birds and do not want cats bothering them. Maybe he will help with the mice in the shop and around the yard,  and garden shed.  Honestly, he is adorable.  I could have never picked a nicer pet.

I hope your bird feeding experience will be good this winter, and you have many birds at your feeders.  Until next time, good bird watching and feeding.