Scotland County swept a campus bowl doubleheader on Thursday, February 21st in Memphis, picking up wins over Schuyler County and Westran.

SCR-I defeated Schuyler County 280-90 in the opener.

This year the sport features a new format, with two 13 question halves, with all questions including three bonus answers.

After Adam Slayton nabbed the first toss-up question of the match, SCR-I answered two of three bonus questions for a 30-0 lead. Schuyler County knotted the score up at 30-30 on the following question before SCR-I took the lead for good on question four when Jacob Kapfer got the toss-up question.

Kapfer and Slayton each answered five toss-up questions to lead SCR-I in scoring. The Tigers answered 18 bonus questions to just four for the Rams as SCR-I got contributions from Conner Harrison, Erica Yarbrough, Zac Behrens and Anna Triplett in the team effort.

Westran answered four of the first five toss-up questions to jump out to a 90-10 lead early in the second match.

Scotland County answered, nailing the next five toss-ups as Westran was blanked the rest of the first half and SCR-I pulled ahead 130-120.

The second half featured runs by both teams. The two teams traded points until SCR-I reeled off four straight wins on toss-up questions #18 – #21 to push the lead to 300-180.

Westran rallied with wins on three of the final five toss-up questions. SCR-I however won the bonus question battle 21-17, including a 14-9 margin in the second half to prevail 360-260.

Kapfer led the way answering five toss-up questions. Slayton had four toss-up answered while Triplett and Behrens each answered two.