The following law enforcement related activities were logged from January 26th – February 1st by the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office dispatch service.

January 26

Report of a house fire

Report of a bush that had caught fire

Traffic stop that resulted in a verbal warning for speed

Investigation of an unlocked business after hours

Report of juvenile harassment

Family unable to contact loved one

January 27

Grass fire in the Brock area that got out of control

Report of suspicious activity in a vehicle

Report  of a vehicle broken down along Highway 15

Arrest was made on a warrant for careless burning

January 28

Traffic stop resulting in citation for speed

Assisted a stranded motorist

Traffic stop resulting in verbal warning for expired plates, window tint, and lane violation

Called to the emergency room for assistance with patient

January 29

Concerned citizen reported an individual driving  a battery powered vehicle on the city streets

Report  of a juvenile issue resulting in a well being check being performed

Served a protection order

January 30

Minor accident reported involving a car and a tractor

Bank motion sensor activated after hours. Found to be repairmen

Complaint of loose dog running around town

Traffic stop resulting in warning for speed

Dog placed in the city pound

Harassment complaint received

Summons served

January 31

Report of serious threats made to a local business

Served four summons

Report of a scam call

Assisted emergency room personnel with an inebriated/combative person

February 1

Served a summons

Investigation of fraud at a local business

Arrest made on a warrant

Traffic stop resulting in a warning for speed