The Scotland County Oats bus meeting was held at Keith’s Café on Monday, December 21, 2015 at eleven o’clock.  It was a regular meeting and our annual Christmas party.  Those present were Peggy Garrett, Pattie Brookhart, Lavaughn Ketchum, Ann Bourn, Janessa Mathena and daughter, Kathleen Clayton, Barbara Cantril, Benji Briggs, two children and Clifford Ketchum, the bus driver.

The meeting was opened as soon as we arrived by chairman Pattie Brookhart and she had prayer for the meeting and for Christmas dinner.

Lavaughn Ketchum, secretary, had roll call and read the minutes of the last meeting. Barbara Cantril made a motion to approve the minutes and Kathleen Clayton seconded the motion.

Peggy Garrett, treasurer, gave the financial report.

Our next meeting will be in January.  It will Monday, January 11th at 1 o’clock at the Nutrition Site.  The meeting was adjourned and everyone had lunch.

After lunch, gifts and cards were passed out along with a grab bag.  Peggy baked a lemon cake which was passed around.

Everyone had a great time and the group adjourned.