Scotland County R-I band director Nathaniel Orr is pictured with drum major Slade McAfee and auxiliary member Micah Cooley following the awards program at the Trenton Marching Festival October 20th.

The Scotland County R-I band was awarded for their diligent practice at the final competitions of the season.  On October 13, the band traveled to Fayette for the CMU Band Day.  In parade competition, the Marching Tigers received 7th of 14 and Outstanding Street Auxiliary. The drumline received 1st place and, in field show competition, the Tigers was awarded 3rd of 11 bands in Class 2A.  Drum major Slade McAfee earned the highest score of the entire competition comprised of more than 30 bands, receiving Overall Outstanding Drum Major at CMU Band Day.

Trenton Marching Festival was the final competition of the season held on October 20.  Competing in Class 2, the Marching Tigers earned 2nd in parade, 2nd in drumline, and almost swept the field show competition.  In field show, they earned 1st place in Music, Marching, and tied for 1st with Putnam County for General Effect. The Field Auxiliary team received 1st place with a score of 90/100. Only Grandview High School, the highest-scoring Field Auxiliary in the entire competition, received a higher score. Once again, drum major Slade McAfee received Outstanding Drum Major honors at the Trenton competition.  The Marching Tigers are especially proud to announce that Slade received the Outstanding Drum Major award at every competition this season.